Transform Your Workout With FITT Bell

Experience the Versatile Water-Filled Kettlebell

  • Adjustable weight: Fill each with up to 18 lbs of water and replace up to 8 kettlebells!
  • Dynamic Fluid Resistance Training: Water acts as "live" weight for increased muscle activation
  • Functional, total-body strength for your arms, shoulders, abs, chest, back, and legs.
  • 2-in-1 Hybrid Kettlebell System: With the FITT Bell Double, connect two together for a hybrid barbell

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

The Results Are Astounding

After just a few weeks of using FITT Bell, I feel more toned and more fit. I brought these with me everywhere!

— Michelle D.

Works For Virtually Any Exercise

I have used this product to target every muscle in my body—from my arms down to my calves.

— Jacob L.

So Easy To Store

My favorite part about the FITT Bells is emptying, deflating, and storing them away after use. Such a clever design!

— Carla T.

Why FITT Bell Is The Best Kettlebell You'll Find

Build strength, tone muscles, burn calories, & lose weight using the fully adjustable, multifunctional kettlebell system

Each FITT Bell can be filled with up to 8kg (8L) of water, perfect for virtually any fitness level!

With the FITT Bell Double, combine together into a hybrid barbell for even more workout versatility!

The Ultimate Workout System

How To Use

Step 1: Inflate the FITT Bell with the hand pump

Step 2: Adjust the FITT Bell weight by simply adding water

Step 3: Get the ultimate full body workout through instability with "live" weight

Step 4: Empty your FITT Bell weights, deflate, and easily tuck away!