What is the difference between the FITT Bell Single and the FITT Bell Double?
The FITT Bell Single is an adjustable, inflatable water-based kettlebell system that replaces up to 8 different kettlebells all in one, compact and fully deflatable package.

With the FITT Bell Double, you get two FITT Bells with BONUS threaded connector, so you can use your FITT Bells individually, or connect them for a HYBRID BARBELL , bringing you even more workout versatility.

You cannot purchase two FITT Bell Singles and have barbell capabilities. Only the FITT Bell Double comes with the required connector for the 2-in-1 hybrid system.

No matter what FITT Bell you choose, the ingenious FITT Bell is the simple solution for everybody
How heavy does the FITT Bell go?
Each FITT Bell can be filled with up 8kg / ~18lbs of water, perfect for virtually any fitness level! Simply fill it to the level that’s right for you – 1 litre of water weighs 1kg, it’s that simple. As you progress, use more water to keep improving.
What is Dynamic Inertia Training?
The constant movement of the water acts as a ‘live’ weight, adding instability to your workout so every rep is different. This helps increase core activation, strengthening your abs and obliques, and improving overall core stability.
Is the FITT Bell a Total Body Workout?
Whether you're looking to build strength, power or endurance, tone up from head to toe, or just get your heart pumping, the FITT Bell fr is everything you need to get a total body workout.

Target every muscle in your body with a whole range of exercises to work your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. You’ll even get your heart pumping and those calories burning in just minutes a day!
Is the FITT Bell Durable?
Made with durable, extra-thick PVC, FITT Bell is built to stand up to high-intensity workouts and is perfect for using indoors or out.
What Does My Purchase Include?
With every purchase, you'll receive your FITT Bell(s), Hand Pump, Exercise Chart, Free Workout App & Nutrition Guide! If you purchase the FITT Bell double, you'll also receive the Threaded Connector to connect your two FITT Bells for 2-in-1 Hybrid Barbell Capabilities.